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Hey E.T Fam! Happy Monday to you all! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m back with more hot content for you all. Many things have been brewing in NFT Land. Yesterday, we witnessed the launch of the Otherside land drop from BAYC.

This turned out to be a historic event for the NFT sector for both the right and wrong reasons. To say that the launch was pure insanity would be an understatement. Over $100M in gas fees were incurred during the event. It was certainly something to witness.

Outside of that, the NFT market is looking pretty healthy at the moment. The floor prices of various projects throughout the space have seen a nice boost. We’re going to discuss more about this in today’s video. Also, I have a juicy Impostors update to share with the community.

Make sure you don’t miss out by not tuning in or ending the video early. Talk to you all soon! Much love E.T Fam!

00:00 – Intro
01:35 – The biggest event in NFT history
02:48 – A disastrous mint process
05:14 – The memes are rolling in
07:19 – Decent start on secondary markets
10:10 – Impostors UFOs mint
13:45 – Taking advantage of game theory
15:23 – Setting the bar higher
16:57 – 1K giveaway
17:52 – Outro

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